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Usage Method Of Soft Baby Swimming Float


Soft Baby Swimming Float is a great help for baby to swim, it is one of the necessary swimming accessories for baby natatorium and family, but it would cause some bad phenomena if it is used inappropriately, here are some tips for Soft Baby Swimming Float:

1、Plastic products throw off peculiar smell, especially when you take off the packing, so article should be placed in a ventilated place for a while before use.

2、The volume of the gas should be 80% of airbag, cover the valve immediately after inflate, place it for half hour to ensure that there is no leak before use.

3、Adjust the tightness of the shoulder straps while wear the article for your baby, the tightness of shoulder straps is really important, baby would slide if it is too loose.

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Usage Method Of Swimming Neck Ring 2018-09-05 16:14:00
To let new born babies swim that is fashionable and also it is an acceptable thing for most of mothers, wear a swimming neck ring for your baby, put baby into a pool, baby can do exercises in water, so how do you use baby swimming neck ring correctly? It would hurt your baby if you use it in a wrong way, let's learn together about the correct way to use baby swimming neck ring with the baby angel's Encyclopedia. 1、The article should be inflated and placed for one night after use, check if there is leak. 2、When wear neck ring for a young baby, tease the baby to raise his head first, so as not to put the baby's chin in the neck ring, to avoid the circumstance that the button cannot be buckled. 3、Force apart the object with your hands, and then wear it for baby. 4、Check whether it is tight for baby, so that the baby's jaw can be placed in the groove of the swimming circle, then button up the buckle. 5、Check whether it is tight for baby, so that the baby's jaw can be placed in the groove of the swimming circle, then button up the buckle. 6、To avoid the explosion do not use the electric air pump to inflate, please use the hand pump or foot pump. 7、The article should not be over-inflated, the volume of gas should be 80% of airbag. 8、During baby swims, you cannot move baby by holding the neck ring, you better move baby by holding the hands or ass. 9、It would bring discomfort to baby if over inflate the article, and cause limitation of motion in cervical, and the child's jaw must be raised so much to fit the neck ring.

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